About Us

Rusch Projects is a luxury custom home builder operating in Calgary and surrounding area. The company has developed a broad network of competent trades resulting in satisfied clients.

From start to finish every detail is given our fullest attention, ensuring the correct materials and methods are used to create a quality home or renovation. We work with a fully systemized approach to each project, keeping within budget and schedule with nothing overlooked. Our trades are an integral part of our family and every person on site is working towards bringing your dreams into fruition with exceptionally high standards and quality craftsmanship.

We have a 100% open book process and we stand behind what we build. No project is too big or too small. We collaborate and integrate the expertise of architects, engineers, designers and skilled trades. We like being a small company because that ensures that everything we build or renovate maintains our high level of workmanship.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the premier luxury home builder in Calgary and surrounding area. Providing professional services, producing exceptional quality in the home building industry. Our outstanding attention to detail, and ability to take on unique projects sets us apart. We endeavor to uphold our core values; integrity, safety, ingenuity, accountability, passion and enjoyment.


Core Values

Integrity - We stand behind what we build.

Adroit – Resourcefulness and skills in the pursuit of excellence.

Accountability – committed to quality, schedules, budgets and our customers.

Passion - we take great pride in what we do.

Enjoyment – working together as a team in all aspects.